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January 3, 2017 was the first day on this journey to start a new church.  On it, I sat down with God’s Word in hand and spent hours reading it, praying and journaling the thoughts and dreams that God was stirring in my heart for what could be for this new church.  The Church I See was the final product of that work.  Over the course of the following weeks and months, I began to gain clarity and our team began to develop a common, succinct language to more clearly articulate what was captured on this first day.  In preparing to make this manifesto public, I was tempted to go through and edit it to reflect the language that has been developed.  But, I decided against it.  So, The Church I See is the original vision that has anchored every decision made in the journey of Discover Church.  As you read it, I hope you will be filled with excitement and anticipation for what could be in this little seed of faith that is Discover Church!  Humbled to Pastor this church.


The church I see is bent to glorify God, worship Jesus, rely on the Spirit. It is radical in pursuit of the Great Commission with a massive, Kingdom advancing, vision that is large enough to impact the world yet focused enough that each and every person is well ministered to. 

Where great risks are taken for God in pursuit of obedience and advancing in faith.

Where followers of Jesus are equipped and challenged to go-and-tell the good news far and wide and people far from God are freely welcomed to come-and-see that Jesus is as good and gracious as He proclaimed to be.

Where the focus is forevermore concerned about the number of people outside of it’s walls than the number of people inside it’s walls.

Where the aim is to surround the city with the Gospel and genuine expressions of biblical community that stretch out into the world.

The church I see exists to see Jesus: change lives, heal hurts, restore relationships and speak new hope/life/potential/dreams into the minds and hearts of people. 

Where alters are full on a consistent basis with people looking to Jesus for new life and hope.

Where stories of life change will be often celebrated to provide hope and confidence to the hurting and hopeless.

Where character based discipleship processes will be instilled to help people take one next step of obedience after another to grow in their walk and understanding of their calling.

The church I see is built on Community. 

Where people rally around one another to form a family that supports, encourages, weeps, rejoices, ministers and mentors one another.

Where everyone, regardless of their past, feels as though they belong in order to present a vivid solution and portrait to a world full of hurting, disjointed, disconnected and isolated people so that people might choose to believe in Jesus.

The church I see is creative and compelling in the presentation of Truth and in the expression of worship. 

Where the demonstration of worship and presentation of the Gospel will strive to match the creativity and excellence of the person who is worshipped and authored Truth.

Where worship unites believers in a collective expression of awe and gratefulness of who Jesus is, what He has done and all that He has spoken or promised.

Where Jesus and His message is presented so clearly that believers and unbelievers alike are compelled to follow Him more closely.

The church I see is intentional and irresistible in it’s gathering. 

Where we gather regularly together at the foot of the cross in awe of Jesus to magnify, worship and elevate His name and dive deeply into His Word as the guide to lead us step-by-step to Himself.

Where people far from God can freely come and see about Jesus’ goodness and grace.

Where great intention is placed on creating irresistible environments for anyone who walks through the doors of the church that creates such a excellent first impression and serves guests so well that it would rival any experience they have anywhere else through out the week.

The church I see diligently ministers to the next generation. 

Where outreach and ministry to children and students are just as much a priority and focus as the outreach and ministry to adults.

Where children and students are heavily invested into to lead the church both today and advance it’s Cause tomorrow.

Where ministry to children and teens is so excellent, exciting and intentional that all obstacles that could possibly hinder them from following Jesus are demolished and removed. (Matthew 19:14)

The church I see speaks to peoples potential while equipping them to walk in their calling. 

Where people are not condemned for their yesterday but encouraged to pursue God’s best for their tomorrow.

Where a premium is placed on spiritual mentoring and leadership development in order to pursue God’s glory, individual joy and the world’s good.

The church I see will impact the business community by establishing such a phenomenal staff culture that it would be widely known as one of the best places to work in the city. 

Where people can find a place to pursue God’s unique calling on their life with the gifting He has placed in their hands and hearts.

Where extremely gifted but grieving people can discover a healthy place to pursue their calling and plant their families in such a way that it would create a new enthusiasm for the Church, it’s role in the Great Commission and their individual role to advance both.

Where people will be more greatly valued for who they are becoming than what they are producing.

Where great purpose will be discovered in the hard-work done to advance a clear mission to accomplish a clear vision…and then be greatly valued with hard-play.

The church I see is a large church with large vision to impact individuals all across our city and the world that is simple in it’s organization. 

Where multiplication happens readily and often into sites in every municipality of the city to surround it with a vibrant, passionate and genuine community pursuing Jesus and His best for our lives and our city.

Where opportunities to expand into every major college-town and city throughout the mid-west is taken in order to present a healthy and vibrant church to minister to hosts of people who are far from God.

Where intense focus is placed on excellently executing/offering selective initiatives in order to steward resources well and provide easy understanding to all of the church why we exist, who we are, what we do and how we do it and in order to provide a model that is readily reproducible into new locations.

Where multiplication can happen quickly and effectively in order to advance into new territory and reach new groups of people.

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